About the Owner and Lead Trainer

Claire started her fitness journey teaching aerobics classes whilst working in Financial Services. A significant back injury introduced her to the wonderful world of Pilates and she hasn’t looked back since!

She gained her Personal Training qualification and shortly after that focussed on improving her Pilates knowledge through specific qualifications and studying advanced anatomy and physiology. She also holds an FRC© qualification as well as training in Biomechanics and various movement modalities such as the Franklin Method©.

Claire says “I understand what it’s like to have a chronic injury and how it can affect every aspect of your life. I’m passionate about improving peoples’ quality of life through coaching, rehabilitation and exercise. I really enjoy spending time with all my clients – it’s great to be able to help them achieve the results that they’re looking for. I’m also proud to have links with some incredible professionals who I refer clients to and who I learn from personally each time I work with them. I’m constantly curious and love finding new ways to help my clients achieve their goals.”

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her husband and two children, her two dogs and her horse… there’s nothing like the great outdoors for a bit of rest and relaxation!

Please get in touch to find out how Claire can help you achieve your goals.